Jonathan Turnbull
Jonathan Turnbull:
BDS Dundee 1989 (reg no 64780)
Ailsa Morrison
Ailsa Morrison:
BDS Dundee 2000 (reg no 78013)
Helen Robertson
Helen Robertson:
UK (reg no 1389)
Angela Cairns
Angela Cairns:
UK (reg no 120054)
Jonathan Turnbull provides most of the dental care at this practice. He qualified from Dundee University in 1989. His interests are in comprehensive treatment planning for difficult cases and carrying out all individual treatment phases to do this. He also enjoys family dentistry and providing care for children. Jonathan is a member of the Joint Dental Faculties of both the Royal College of Surgeons of England and Faculty of General Dental Practitioners, by examination. He also works part time for NHS Lothian as a Dental Practice Advisor and is a trainer of new dental graduates in the South East of Scotland dental Vocational Training Scheme
Ailsa is our visiting Oral Surgery Specialist and is a consultant in the Oral Surgery Department at Edinburgh Dental Institute. Ailsa qualified in dentistry from the University of Dundee in 2000. Ailsa carries out surgical treatments in the practice such as implant placement and wisdom teeth extractions. Where necessary this can be carried out under intra-venous sedation for nervous patients.
Helen has been a Hygienist at the practice for over 30 years and is skilled at treating and maintaining mouths that are vulnerable to gum disease.
Helen has a very caring nature and is passionate about her patients. She counts many as good friends having known and treated them for so long.
Angie has been a Dental Nurse in the practice for over 20 years. Her laid back cheerful attitude contributes well to the relaxing atmosphere at Howard Place.

Carolynn Veitch
Carolynn Veitch:
UK (reg no 115923)
Sarah Gifford
Sarah Gifford:
UK (reg no 227355)

Carolynn has been a Dental Nurse for 25 years. She has a great way with patients and is absolutely committed to the job she loves.
Sarah is our newest Dental Nurse. She qualified as a registered dental surgery nurse by passing her national at Telford college she hand picked for her temperament and diligence She is a calming influence on nervous patients.